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Go With Your Gut When Selecting a Contractor

Choosing a general contractor to work on your home is a very big decision, if not the most important decision on a construction project. Your contractor will be in your home from morning to night seeing you in all phases of the day for weeks and sometimes months. Many contractors have different approaches to producing a bid and closing a deal. One thing to be concerned about is the confident low bidding contractor, we call this being "vague". This type of contractor will come in and be very confident about your remodel project and give you a low bid and talk the talk. When the project starts he will then bring up what he calls surprises or change orders and end up charging you more and more money and in the end, the low bidder becomes the high bidder. To the construction tip of the month is to "go with your gut" and check references.




About Us


Oregon Trail Remodeling was founded by Jeremy Parsons and Marc Lisak in 2009 bringing together the business experience and construction expertise of both men. Their objective in forming the company was to provide quality construction at reasonable prices while meeting the requirements of their clients. They focus their efforts on making clients happy by providing very high quality at reasonable prices and they keep the lines of communication open with their clients through the entire construction process.

Photo of Lake Oswego Home Remodeling Professional

Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy is a graduate from West Linn High School in 1993 and has a degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He has been a business owner in food and other service businesses before settling into the construction and remodels field. He began his own remodeling business in 2002 and joined forces with Marc Lisak in 2009 to form Oregon Trail Remodeling. Jeremy brings a good background in construction knowledge from electrical to finish carpentry. Jeremy's philosophy is that a construction business will flourish when customers and contractor openly communicate and have a common expectation about the job, timetable and cost. Oregon Trail has adopted this philosophy and we strive to avoid surprises while keeping the costs down and the quality high. Jeremy does his best to answer his phone or to return calls quickly when a customer calls to for an update, which is rare in the remodeling construction field. Jeremy has always enjoyed working with a variety of people and loves to watch customers' reactions as their vision becomes reality through the various stages of construction. When Jeremy is not spending time with his wife Debbie and their three kids, he enjoys biking, being a Cub Scout Pack Leader and collecting various collectibles. His sports card collection is extensive!

Photo of Rancho Santa Fe Home Repair Company Manager

Marc Lisak

Marc was born and raised in Boring, Oregon with his parents and two older sisters. He was raised around construction from the time he was able to lift a hammer assisting his father in the construction of a 2600 SF log cabin. Marc and his wife, Laura, have three kids, one boy and two girls. They lived in Gresham, Oregon from 2000-2011 before moving to San Diego in 2011. He is a huge soccer fan and player and he also volunteered as a coach with Eastside United Soccer Club and Carlsbad Lightning. He has played soccer from the age of 4 all the way through college, and also in a few adult leagues in Portland, Oregon. Marc enjoys traveling to tropical places, spending time with his family, and being involved with his church group. After attending Mt Hood Community College and Northwest College, he went right into banking. Marc quickly worked his way up in the banking business with one of the largest regional banks in the country and he became one of the youngest bank managers in the state of Oregon. In 2007 he had an opportunity to take another career path as the Director of Marketing and Sales for a large remodeling company in Portland, Oregon before starting Oregon Trail Remodeling with Jeremy Parsons. Jeremy and Marc created Oregon Trail Remodeling in the Spring of 2009 and have based their business on creating brand loyalty with their customers.

Gutter Installation Company Management Photo Robb Reed

Robb Reed

Robb enthusiasticly joined OTR in the Spring of 2012 as a project manager in our Portland location. He is an Oregon native and came to us with 15 years experience in the construction industry. Half of this time was spent building high-end custom homes with a locally respected general contractor. Robb was involved in every phase of the project from basic site clean-up on small projects to the finishing stage of homes costing up to $1,000 a sqft. While gaining a vision for his career and a love for home construction he attended the business school at Portland State University and earned a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Advertising. With this experience he spent the next seven years in Bend, Oregon with a large heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) distributor. Robb was a territory manager, represented many national brands and helped over 100 local contractors build their businesses. In this 7 years, he also managed the Bend branch location for the company. He was involved in managing the branch budget and motivating the staff of employees. He will say the highlight was seeing contractors succeed in their business and becoming certified in the lean manufacturing process. Robb has a deep talent and passion for building homes. He can quickly gain a vision of what needs to be done and is ready to get started. All three of his kids will say that "my dad can fix anything." Robb and his family live in West Linn and own a home in Bend where they occasionally like to visit. He likes to mountain bike, golf, build cars and motorcycles, road race in the chump car series, geocache with his kids and spend time with his family. Robb is committed to doing the right thing and going the extra mile. His knowledge and experience will see you through your project on time and on budget.

Del Mar Home Additions

Travis Andrews

Travis joined OTR in the fall of 2013 as a Project Manager in our Carlsbad, CA location. Since 2002, he has served in the construction industry, and he has a passion for customer service. Travis grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, and shortly after high school, he was attracted to the construction industry. He began working for a national home builder in Phoenix as a customer service representative handling issues related to the construction of new homes. Travis’s talent for customer service and construction management was quickly recognized, as he was promoted to the special projects department of his company. This is where he learned the importance of making customers feel comfortable during a construction project in their home. Still trying to find his niche in the construction industry, Travis also had an interest in commercial construction. He began a career as an electrician for a Commercial Electrical Contractor. After completing a 4 year electrical apprenticeship, his managagment skills were again quickly rewarded as he became a Commercial Project Manager. He managed the entire commercial department with oversight responsiblity for 15+ projects at a time.

Travis has the knowledge and experience to meet deadlines and budgets, while still delivering an end product that exceeds customers' expectiations. Over time, with experience in both commercial and residential construction, Travis has realized that he prefers working with homeowners because of their passion and excitement to improve their home. Travis, his wife and 3 kids, have always loved visiting northern San Diego and decided to move their family to Carlsbad. They love spending time together outdoors together as much as they can. You can find them fishing, snowboarding, surfing, playing softball, or bike riding just to name a few.



Favorite Links



Artistic Photo Expression

Artistic Photo Expression donates fine art to support charity fund raisers and we support their efforts.

Boy Scouts of America

Jeremy and Marc were both Boy Scouts and they support this organization when they can. Jeremy is currently active with the Cub Scouts in West Linn, Oregon

Horizon Christian School

Oregon Trail has been a sponsor of the Horizon Christian School athletic program in Tualatin, Oregon since 2010.

La Salle High School

Marc graduated from La Salle High School in 1997 and has been a big supporter ever since. He also played soccer, basketball and track when he was a student and has remained active in those sports ever since.

Mt. Hood Christian School

Marc and his son attended Mt. Hood Christian School in Gresham, Oregon and Marc is a big supporter of the school.


Elevated Focus

Oregon Trail relies on the San Diego real estate photography company Elevated Focus for real estate and aerial photography services in San Diego. Their photography is stunning and they are professional and reliable. You can reach Elevated Focus at 760.707.7659

Juice Stop Encinitas

The Owners of Oregon Trail Remodeling believe in living an active lifestyle and choosing healthy foods to eat. You can frequently find them down at Juice Stop Encinitas in Encinitas having a mixed vegetable smoothie with a shot of wheat grass.

Cal Ray Electric

Cal Ray Electric has experienced, certified electricians that pride themeselves in providing the highest level of service to our customers, always striving to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.